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Mixed Bouquets

Celebrate a special occasion, moment or simply remember someone special by sending a bouquet of flowers to Brazil. Surprise with a beautiful flower bouquet! Sending flowers always brings joy and happiness to those receiving them. We offer a wide variety of flower bouquets with many different species of flowers, lilies, daisies, roses, sunflowers and many more. At the next step of your purchase you will have the chance to make your gift even more special by adding chocolates, wine, glass vase and other gifts.

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  1. Bouquet Belo Horizonte

    Flower Bouquet Belo Horizonte


    Pure optimism with this bouquet of flowers in shades of yellow and orange. This bouquet will bring a smile to the face of whomever receives it. Learn More
  2. Bouquet Campinas

    Flower Bouquet Campinas


    Campinas Flower Bouquet will enchant the recipient with this sweet combination of 9 pink roses and white Peruvian lilies. This is an exquisite combination of elegance perfect to send in celebration of a birthday, the birth of a baby girl or to simply say congratulations or I am thinking of you. Learn More
  3. Flowers Curitiba

    Flower Bouquet Curitiba


    Curitiba Flower Bouquet will make the perfect bridge between you and recipient by showing how much you care. Bursting with spirit this color combination of yellow, orange, white and lush greens will be a success. Learn More
  4. Flowers Florianopolis

    Flower Bouquet Florianopolis


    Florianopolis Flower Bouquet will delight recipient with this combination of daisies, carnations and Peruvian lilies. Colorful and exhaling good sentiments this bouquet is ideal to wish happy birthday, say thank you or simply to say 'I am thinking of you'. On the next step you will have the option of making your gift even more special by adding a vase, chocolates and other products. Learn More
  5. Bouquet Fortaleza

    Flower Bouquet Fortaleza


    Fortaleza Flower Bouquet will bring perfect happiness to your special recipient in Brazil. Manifest your appreciation across miles with this elegant combination of yellow lilies, 5 red roses, gerberas and blue iris (which may be substitute for Peruvian lilies). Learn More
  6. Flowers Goiania

    Flower Bouquet Goiania


    Goiania Flower Bouquet is composed of a delicate combination of fresh flowers including pink lilies, white and pink chrysanthemums and greens. Show your joy over the arrival of a new baby, honor a birthday or simply convey your heartfelt wishes of thank you with these beautiful flowers. Learn More
  7. Bouquet Porto Alegre

    Flower Bouquet Porto Alegre


    Porto Alegre Flower Bouquet is made of an exquisite combination of beautiful white blossoms and lush greens which provides an elegant way to deliver your expressions of comfort and sympathy. Learn More
  8. Bouquet Recife

    Flower Bouquet Recife


    Recife Flower Bouquet radiates happiness, love and sophistication. This vibrant bouquet of pink lilies, 10 pink roses and blue iris (which may be substitute for Peruvian lilies) will brighten the day of your special recipient in Brazil. This is a perfect gift to manifest your love, wish happy birthday or to say thank you. Learn More
  9. Bouquet Rio Branco

    Flower Bouquet Rio Branco


    Rio Branco Flower Bouquet was designed to exude sophistication and send your meaningful sentiments to your special recipient. This elegant bouquet is composed of white Asiatic lilies, cream or white roses and lush greens. You can also send this bouquet as a thank you, birthday, anniversary or engagement gift. Learn More
  10. Bouquet Salvador

    Flower Bouquet Salvador


    Salvador Flower Bouquet blooms with vibrant colors and life. Send this lovingly hand-tied bouquet and brighten the day of your special recipient in Brazil. Learn More
  11. Flowers Sao Paulo

    Flower Bouquet São Paulo


    São Paulo Flower Bouquet will lift recipients spirit with its dazzling colors. Send this bouquet and delight your special recipient in Brazil. Learn More
  12. Bouquet Vitoria - English

    Flower Bouquet Vitoria


    Vitória Flower Bouquet is a gorgeous combination of flowers in the colors pink, purple, white and lush greens which was specially designed for you to send your friends, family, spouses or girlfriend as a birthday, romantic or thinking of you gift. Learn More

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